Friday, December 3, 2010

Unethical people can't have ethical lapses

Some politicians are devoid of ethical sense and believe taxpayer funds are theirs to spend for any purpose. BC Liberals have directed Vancouver Coastal Health and other agencies to promote sitting government members at every opportunity. An Example:

It is not appropriate for public health agencies and their press officers to be involved in partisan promotion. In this otherwise acceptable press release describing student videos dealing with impaired driving, four uninvolved Liberal MLA's are quoted for no reason other than to associate their names with a program of community agencies. Ironically, non-profit groups have lost assistance from government gambling funds causing significant program cut-backs.

To add another strange note, Jane Thornthwaite, one of the Liberal MLAs named in the press release is awaiting trial on a drunk-driving charge. Following apprehension in an RCMP roadblock after partying during public business, she said:
“My actions were inexcusable. Drinking and driving is dangerous and completely unacceptable; I know that and make no excuses for what I did.

“I apologize to my family, my friends, my colleagues, and especially my constituents who put their faith in me. I failed to meet the standards I set for myself as a mother and as a public official.”
After reflecting on the consequences, Thornthwaite decided her actions were not so inexcusable. She hired a lawyer to fight the charge and entered a plea of not guilty.
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  1. She's going to claim that the hand held breath analyzer was one of those that have been deemed to be in need of recalibration and that the charges against her should be thrown out.

  2. Call Stockwell Day, Ms Thornthwaite is clearly involved in another incident of 'unreported' crime.

    This woman's problem isn't legal - it's mental.

  3. NVG and Leah, she was far over the lowest limit so calibration won't be an issue. But, delay is a good one. If they wait three years for a trial, the judge can toss the action because of delay. A Richmond RCMP officer got off a drinking-driving charge that way recently. A North Van RCMP officer got off because his mates at the detachment 'lost' the jail videos. The judge said the drinking driver couldn't defend himself without those video tapes. Then there was the West Van woman who couldn't blow into the Breathalyzer because she claimed to have had Botox treatment 10 days earlier in Mexico. Case dismissed.



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