Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not my work, I merely pass it along

Prices are quoted in US dollars per gallon for regular unleaded.   April 2010
Oslo, Norway $6.82
Hong Kong $6.25
Brussels, Belgium $6.16
London, UK $5.96
Rome, Italy $5.80
CANADA $5.36
Tokyo, Japan $5.25
Sao Paulo, Brazil $4.42
New Delhi, India $3.71
Sidney, Australia $3.42
Johannesburg, South Africa $3.39
Mexico City $2.22
Buenos Aires, Argentina $2.09
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia $0.09
Kuwait $0.08
Caracas, Venezuela $0.12 
Gee, if only Canada was an oil producing nation.....   
Hey, wait a minute!!!
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    This list has Riyadh and Kuwait a little higher.

  2. I filled up in Burlington, Washington the other day and paid $3.019 per US gallon. I always make it a point to fill-up in Burlington, on the way back.

    I was in Washington State to do some shopping and to avoid the vile HST. The highest tax rate I saw was 0.95%; the lowest was 0.82% (it varies from county to county).

    If you stay out of Canada for over 48 hours (as I did), you can bring back up to $400 duty and tax free. I also see my time there as a small vacation (which it really is).

    I will be heading back to Washington soon for more shopping, and I will go with friends (big spending ladies - shoes, shoes, shoes, etc).

    BTW, I just checked GasBuddy dot com - the LOW price in Edmonton is about 0.935 cents a liter; in Calgary, about 0.955 cents a liter; in the city of Vancouver, it is about 1.195 cents per liter. So, if you put 50 liters in your tank in Vancouver, you will pay about $60; in Calgary or Edmonton $47. It adds up very quickly!

    Having such obscenely high gas prices in the Lower Mainland lets King Gordo the Thug, and other LIEberals spout off about BC having low income tax rates. Yeah, sure - so low that a very small number of fill-ups will wipe it out.

  3. I just noticed that I misplaced two decimal points. The tax rates were 9.50% and 8.2% (NOT 0.95% and 0.82%)



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