Friday, December 31, 2010

Industry mining cash with HST remissions and record high prices

Remember when the BC Liberals told us that industry, saving billions through elimination of provincial sales tax, would pass along price savings to consumers. Guess what? The mining industry has never done better in British Columbia. They pay much less tax to the Province of British Columbia and commodity prices have risen dramatically. Now tell me how the mining industry helps consumers gain from HST.

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  1. Hi Norm. I'm a regular reader. I think I can tell you how we benefit from the HST. WE DON'T! It is the single largest transfer of wealth from the poor, blue and white collar working people in the history of BC. Period! I'm a realtor and I can claim the HST. I use it like I did the GST rebate. For supporting me and my family. I have a single parent daughter who needs assistance all the time. All that HST and more go to help her because BC's golden age under the LIbERalS hasn't provided jobs for people like her.

    She gets very little help from our so called government so we help all we can. Thank You Norm and others who shine the light on these dispicable people in the LIbERal government.

  2. Somebody out there is getting rich and as long as it isn't you or I, then all is well with the world.



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