Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Message from farmland activist Donna Passmore

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"Huntington: Would you be moving toward, hopefully, a hard edge at some point, so that it would reduce conflict and speculation?
R. Bullock: The quick question is: I'd love to."
Excerpt from BC Legislative Public Accounts Committee, December 7, 2010
see discussion stemming from Auditor General's Report on the Agricultural Land Commission.

Fellow Farmland & Food Security Advocates:

Too often over the last several years, it has felt like we were talking to a barn wall. But we are being heard. The transcript of yesterday's appearance by ALC Chair Richard Bullock and Executive Director Brian Underhill is full of exciting discussion.

But it was Vicki Huntington, the MLA from beleaguered South Delta who cut to the chase and put the question of a hard edge on the table. And even more exciting than her question was the response it got from the dazzling new Chair of the Agricultural Land Commission. This isn't the full response, unfortunately - there is some significant qualification after that, but this discussion alone is significant. Our objective of a hard edge is now officially part of the legislative record. Very exciting to see New Democrat Spencer Chandra Herbertputting the most urbanized (and food insecure) riding in the province on the record for farmland preservation! And NDP Agriculture Critic Lana Popham continues to emerge as one of the most passionate voices for farmland and food security this province has known, joining the ranks of Michael Sather, Guy Gentner and Corky Evans.

Please continue to email the Committee with your support for restoration of an effective budget for the ALC.

Federal Oil Tanker Ban great news for farmland

This is the season of Peace - and our greatly endangered Peace River Valley, which contains 1/3 of British Columbia's farmland - got great news yesterday from the federal government. Thanks to BC NDP MLA's Nathan Cullen, Fin Donnelly, Don Davies, Alex Atamenko and Libby Davies, the federal government voted yesterday to ban oil tankers along BC's coast.  So the Enbridge Pipeline has no where to go now, and hopefully the hundreds of miles of ALR that were on the books to be dug up for a pipeline (and service and access roads, etc) to pump bitumen from Alberta's Tar Sands (the filthiest oil product on the planet and a serious threat to agricultural capability) onto oil tankers, should now be safe. We'll keep you posted.

Hearty thanks to all of our elected representatives for their efforts to ensure that British Columbia has farmland that can continue to feed the province's children.
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  1. Norm, looks like Donna Passmore has even gone over to the dark side. Did you read this from Donna??!:
    "I'm seriously thinking about joining the Liberal Party and supporting Christy Clark. Christy gets it. She understands that we have long passed the moment in time when the environment could be disregarded as a secondary issue. Looking at the political horizon today, I can see BC giving its heart to Christy."!/notes/donna-passmore/leadership-thoughts/177601778932161

  2. I believe the blow-up in the opposition ranks has changed the landscape. I don't know where Donna and others stand on that but some people will prefer the devils they know to the ones they don't.

    I appreciate the work that farmland activists put into their work. However, given the Liberal record over ten years and the government's almost complete surrender on the recent ALC Van Isle charges demonstrates Liberals' unforgivable corruption on land issues. They didn't even demand a statement of facts when they switched charges from individuals to a faceless corporation and accepted a modest penalty that is tiny compared to the value of the full project. The bribers end up with no criminal records. Sweet, for them.

    Christy Clark has much baggage, particularly regarding BC Rail. If she claims support for the Land Reserve, I would trust it as much as Gordon Campbell's promise to run the most open and accountable government in history. We must remember that Liberals learned you can say whatever people want to hear, but you don't have to act on the promise. All you say is "circumstances changed, preventing us from going forward on that."

    The HST fiasco proves they feel no requirement to speak truth.

  3. Donna Passmore was urging people on FB weeks ago to put away their ALR buttons and Mayor Rick Green faces and instead put up Christy Clark photos.

    It's an old story where the NDP gets sucker punched and blind sided by some supposed advocacy group that's actually controlled by Grit or Tory partisans. Passmore is a Conservative, and in fact so is Harold Steves.

  4. Welcome Rod Smelser. I've enjoyed your comments elsewhere.

    I have always thought that any true conservatives would be environmentalists as well. We need to redefine the language because the term conservative has come to mean someone who values temporal wealth and believes that its accumulation is vital. I fail to see why a conservative thinks that corporation profits come before environmental preservation.

  5. Does anyone know how Donna is doing health wise? is she still running the Farmland Defense League?



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