Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How Bad is The Record: Ida Chong Recall First Week Results

How Bad is The Record: Ida Chong Recall First Week Results

Further news from SFU political scientist Dr. Kennedy Stewart:
"Recent information and past trends suggest there is a good chance Ida Chong will be the first BC MLA recalled under the Recall and Initiative Act. . .

"However, recall organizers might even be more hopeful as information from the anti-HST initiative campaign suggests petitioning efforts start slowly then gain momentum. . .  Based on this data, we can expect the number of Oak-Bay recall canvassers to increase as the weeks roll by as well as the weekly signature totals."
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  1. Well done to citizens canvassing for recall. If Chong is forced to stand for re-election, the BC Liberals can be forced to account on BC Rail. Let them try to justify their cover-up of their own corruption.

  2. Norman, I will never understand the likes of Les Leyne. He is being stolen from as well, just like every other British Columbian. His hydro bills are skyrocketing as well. Does he not have any children? Parents? Extended family that he just might care one inkling about and their quality of life? Whey would anyone justify the likes of Campbell and his Lieberal thieving co-horts is just beyond my comprehension. Worse of all, there are many more like him, all ready to take the fall to obscurity along with Miss Bitterment and Mr. Resentment.



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