Friday, December 10, 2010

Flip, flop and don't fly

The former Mrs. . . 
Bruce Allen's Reality Check on NW today indicates he may not be supporting Patrick Kinsella's new project, which is an effort to keep fingers on the public throat pulse by replacing Gordon Campbell with another grateful politician. Bruce said:
"When I think of Christie Clark, there are three words that come to mind:
  1. "Former - because that's all she really is - a former, something.
  2. "Flip-flop - a current example of this is her stance on the HST
  3. "Phoney - I've been on her show, I've watched her . . ."
By the way readers, visit the site of online journalist Alex G. Tsakumis. If he delivers half of what is promised, there is big news on the horizon for Christie and her old friends.
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  1. FICKIN "A" Bruce. Succinct and to the point. I had this vague big unease with Krusty Clarke but could quite describe my objections to her and her "style" . But this hits the mark.... well done sir.



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