Thursday, December 16, 2010

Et tu, Corky?

Rafe Mair puts out a few opinions on leadership candidates. His suggestion of Corky Evans as a possibility is particularly interesting for two reasons. Corky and Rafe spent time together recently and the subject came up once or twice between them. Additionally, Corky consciously returned to centre stage when he joined the fray pushing for Carole James to be dumped. So, perhaps the aging gent has fired up his ambitions again.

Two thing may bring Corky's pulse back to normal. First would be the Mustel poll showing a Liberal surge following Campbell's announcement of imminent departure. Second would be the letter Corky published in stoking the internal revolt. You can't praise the democratic structure of the party's Provincial Council and ignore its authority without appearing a tiny bit hypocritical.

To be sure the party's wounds are deep, as Rafe said:
"The biggest problem of the NDP is putting Humpty Dumpty back together again."
Mr. Evans is not a viable leadership campaign when many party members are saying:
"Eh tu, Corky?"
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  1. Would like to see Corky run, if only to keep the leadership debates exciting and the other contenders on their toes.

  2. i am really out of sorts today. I mentioned to Laila. I read, the Conflict of Interest Commissioner, Paul D. K. Fraser, ruled...Campbell's trip to his Bilderberg meeting in Spain. It was Campbell's right to take the money from the tax payers dollars. In what way, did Campbell's meeting, benefit the BC people? Campbell's thieving of the BCR and our rivers and selling them, did nothing for the people either.

  3. "Eh tu, Corky?"

    "Our kind of traitor"

    Funny I've only ever heard these remarks here.

    The more I hear these kinds of insults, though, the more I think that only one of the 'rebel alliance' has the moral right to be 'leader.'

  4. If Corky became leader of The NDP I could get quite excited about working for the party again.
    I have no idea of the internal party workings, and don't know why they picked this time to tear themselves apart. On the other hand, since the real power these days lies with the corporations, does it even make a difference anymore?



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