Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Roi es mort! . . . uhmmm. . . errrr. . . uhmmm

What passes for debate among some in the blog world rages now as NDP members take up the sport of finger pointing, which incidentally requires little marshaling of facts, only opinions.  The group now managing NDP fortunes shouted Le Roi est mort! but forgot the second half of that expression, which is Vive le Roi!

They made clear whom they rejected as leader but the Gang of Thirteen did not announce whom they accept. Given present turmoil, potential leadership candidates, beyond Caspar Milquetoast replicas, will be scarce. No candidates of superior quality will step up to lead a party in which a self-selected clique imposes their will on others.

In early days at least, BC voters also have reservations. Angus Reid poll results from December 7 and 8 show major shifting of support. NDP is down 11% and Liberals up 10%. Pollster Mario Canseco said he's never seen this big a shift in public opinion in just one month. It was only a short while ago that Canseco said that he had never seen a leader more disliked than Gordon Campbell.

Canseco believes the NDP's internal problems are part of the reason the party has lost a 21-point lead in one month, but notes Campbell's resignation may have played a bigger roll in return of Liberal support.

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  1. Did this so-called "gang of thirteen" (not to call names or anything) not say they wanted a party-wide leadership review and an election?

    I am sure I heard Kwan say they did, and that she would accept the results, even if James was re-elected.

    But given James' disgraceful, whining, blaming, claiming to be bullied, "exit" I think that would have been a big mistake. The way James left should clearly showed that she is not leadership material.

    King Gordo the Thug did a much better job of leaving - he did not blame, whine or claim he was bullied. But, this in no way made him look better (nothing could do that).

  2. Yes, and I heard lots of folks who had voted LIEberal in the last election said the would vote LIEberal again, after Gordo left (they would not have voted L had he stayed).

    21% is a BIG difference - if it holds after the L get a new leader, I think we will have an snap election early in 2011, regardless of whether the NDP have a new leader or not.

  3. It is almost certain we will have a 2011 election. Liberals gained their 2009 mandate dishonestly on both the deficit and HST. They will go forward in the new year with a new leader. It will be hard to justify significant policy moves based on a weak mandate. Also, they don't want to hold the HST vote because rolling back that deal is bothersome to them and the business lobby. Nor do they wish to deal with by-elections caused by recall. A fall election resolves all issues for them and as Angus Reid demonstrates, the landscape is changed. Get ready for Farnworth vs Clark, September 2011.

  4. "King Gordo the Thug did a much better job of leaving - he did not blame, whine or claim he was bullied. "

    Campbell was polling at 9%. What the hell could he say? Wether you want to accept it or not, James had support in the party and the public. How much support may be up for debate but the two aren't comparable.



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