Friday, November 5, 2010

They've never lied to us before, right?

Squamish newspaper The Chief examined evidence put forward by Vancouver power-blogger Laila Yuile and statements of PAB media spokespersons with the Ministry of Transport.

Document reveals Sea to Sky Highway being ‘shadow’ tolled

Hey folks in Prince George, how do you feel about paying shadow tolls for skiers and city folk visiting their million dollar condos at Whistler? Actually, you are not supposed to know, that was secret.

There is a different policy for folks who ride the bus to work regularly. BC Transit's last increase for passes was about 11%. Users gotta pay, you know, especially if they're not part of BC's crème de la crème.
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  1. And fares on TransLink buses will further increase. The deep discounted U-Pass, where post secondary students get to what amount in $1.00 a day bus passes, which clog public transit and discourage regular fare paying patrons.

    The SkyTrain system is also heavily subsidized, by over $200 annually!

    What has happened is that Gordon Campbell is again subsidizing the Vancouver elite class with shadow toll on the Sea to Sky Hwy.

  2. God, Gordo and Boring are at it again! Does Good have no shame at all!

    Campbell, is a now discredited Premier who says he will resign his seat at a later date to diffuse a caucus rebellion. The fawning by Good is nauseating!

  3. Thank you for this plug Norman. I was very impressed the Squamish paper took this up,because it is " a compelling story", as the editor pointed out yesterday on the phone.

    I guess,however, that it is still not compelling enough for the local media to report on, with the exception of News1130, and a lonely midnight report on CKNW that snuck through, and was quickly whisked away by morning.

    I certainly would love to hear Bill Good's take on this !

  4. Laila - Bill good would dismiss your (GREAT) work as that of a conspiracy theorist crackpot in the blogosphere, not worth his time to even read.



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