Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sometimes they deserve vitriolic attacks

Acting Chief Electoral Officer
Last August, Acting Chief Electoral Officer Craig James sniveled:
"I have been frankly saddened by the vitriolic attacks that I and my office have been subjected to in the past week.”
Complaints should come as no surprise given that James sits in that position inappropriately, having been appointed by BC Liberals alone, when the position should be filled by joint approval of the Opposition. Failing that agreement, which the Liberals made little effort to gain, the former Chief Electoral Officer could have been continued. He was willing and acceptable to the NDP and Independent MLAs.

Blog DoneWithDalton demonstrates that Elections BC changed its website after the application for recall petition had been submitted. However, the legislation contains the requirement that a statement justifying recall was limited to 200 words. So, slyly altering their website doesn't really change anything.

However, Craig James, Elections BC head, ruled that acronyms or abbreviations are not words so must be counted as if written out completely. He rejected the application because of word count, an act which treats the legislated intent of the law with contempt. His action is contrary to every dictionary definition of an acronym or an abbreviation. Rules of grammar define those as words, as written. The Oxford English Dictionary provides this guidance:
An abbreviation composed of the first letters of other words so that the abbreviation itself forms a word. . . 
Acronyms are treated just like ordinary words in a sentence, and may be composed of all capital letters, or of an initial capital followed by small letters. . . 
Acting Chief Electoral Officer James is making up rules aimed at preventing operation of the act he is charged with administering. Not the first time, either, Mr. James. Shame.

Application for recall petition

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  1. The guy has clearly lost the plot; however, I think he's little more than a garden variety pedant and not a sleazy water-carrier for the Campbell clan.

    He clearly knows little or nothing about the English language but, after all those hours sitting Shiva for legislative committees, you'd have thought 'clerk' James would have the sense to recognize common usage. He's probably never seen the O.E.D. Norman.

    The man is a dinosaur - way past his best before date and clearly out of his depth.

    As I've said before, respect is 'earned' and Craig James hasn't earned any yet!

  2. Just when you think these hairballs have gone as low as they can go, they come up with something even lower. Scumbags like this guy should not be allowed to have kids!

  3. Just when you thought the mangled thing we call democracy could not be any weirder or foul...

  4. I think James actions will backfire and only increase the publics anger. James fulfills the "Eyes" definition of a bureaucrat: "A bureaucrat is someone so incompetent that he/she can't get a job in the real world."

  5. Does this mean that "Election BC" should be written as "Election British Columbia"

  6. When it comes to this agency, with this leader, we can expect them to be liberal with Liberal interpretations.

  7. I am trying hard to keep holding the old adage that says, "Never attribute to malice or evil that which can more easily attributed to INCOMPETENCE or STUPIDITY".

    IN James' case, I think all four attributions apply (malice,evil, INCOMPETENCE and STUPIDITY).

  8. Mr. James...a word to the wise. If you don't like the treatment that "you and your office" have received - clean up your act!

    YOU, and your "office" are independent of the other words Mr. James...the government is to have no affect on you, no matter who is in power. YOU, have rendered that to be an utter falsehood in my opinion.

    And trust me, my opinion of you couldn't possibly be much lower.

  9. Campbell got rid of the two honest members of Elections BC. Campbell hand picked Craig James, because, he knew James would be, another of his butt kissers. Hopefully, Mr. James, takes into consideration, what Campbell did to Basi and Virk. He didn't hesitate to call them criminals, and cut their throats, for following orders. Campbell is now frantic, to get all of the BCR documents, so he can shred, shred, shred. I hope they tell Campbell to go to hell, and keep the documents, to put Campbell in prison, down the road. Beware Mr. James, you could very well end up, with your throat cut. You deserve to be called, every foul name in the book. To send the RCMP, to terrorize the elderly and others, so they are too afraid, to sign the recall. You are as ugly and dirty as Campbell. Anyone who would support a monster like Campbell, who has BC children so hungry, they can't even focus on their lessons, should be strung up by their hells. Shame on the BC ministers, the mla's and Mr. James, for perpetuating Campbell's evil. Shame on the RCMP for doing, Campbell and Mr. James dirty work. The RCMP refused to do a further investigation of, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR. No doubt, they will refuse to investigate, Campbell's corruption regarding the, sea to sky highway scam. This is why, BC people don't want the RCMP as an icon of Canada. They were supposed to have made changes, for the better...of course, that hasn't happened. We would prefer the provincial police, who have made changes, and followed those changes through. They are gaining the BC peoples respect. Shame, shame on the RCMP, do your job, and investigate the corrupt sale of the BCR. The sea to sky highway scam, investigate that too. Citizen's have had enough, of corruption, lies, deceit, broken promises, theft, and cheating to win elections. Come to my house and threaten me. I'm old, however, I will wrap a broom around their necks, and happily go to jail, for doing so. Craig James and Campbell, sure as the hell, don't scare me.

  10. Beyond a doubt, Campbell is the most horrible and corrupt premier, the people of BC have ever had to contend with. The BC Liberal party, has caused BC to be, the most corrupt province in Canada. I saw on Global TV, teachers say, children are so hungry, they are unable to do their lessons. The Liberal Ministers and mla's, support Campbell and give him their blessings. The decent people of BC, have much different value's than, the Liberal ministers and the mla's. Good people wouldn't even think of doing such, a vile act as, deliberately starving children. However, the RCMP protect Campbell, with no care for the BC children and decent citizens. They willingly, terrorized an elderly lady in her eighties. The RCMP are another disgrace to BC people, for their crimes and corruption. Craig James, is very willing to do Campbell's dirty work as well. He also, must not give a dam, about our BC children and decent citizens either. Those stupid people, can't see Campbell would stab all of them in the back and say, they are criminals, and acted without my knowledge. Does Basi and Virk, not sink in with these idiots?

  11. Mr James is very clear about his allegience here.
    Read the PDF (one word) at the end of the post.

  12. Norman--

    Skeena, 1997....

    Successful petition with MLA (twice) - 194.

    Still successful petition with 'Member of the Legislative Assembly' - 202.

    Analysis, for those interested, at my place, here


  13. Have a close look at that letter Kim's posted...It reveals a lot.

    Then have a look at the relevant sections of the Elections Act....

    Mr James may very well have got himself in a rather embarrassing position

  14. Thanks, G.West. Your comment resulted in a blog post that shows your analysis is accurate.

  15. Craig James, doesn't have the grace to be saddened, about the attacks. Who in the hell, is he trying to kid. He is just as low as Campbell. Sending the RCMP to terrorize senior citizens, into not signing the recall, means, he is not saddened what-so-ever. What a crock. James is just as evil as Campbell is. Campbell does not allow, decent, honest persons, anywhere near him, they lose their jobs. I'm afraid, James sold his soul to the devil Campbell, for a mere pittance. Go cry in Campbell's martini Mr James, who knows what reward, you may get from Campbell, for doing his dirty work.



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