Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Report Bill Bennett's criticism? Not if it were business as usual.

Today, the media is full of reports criticizing Gordon Campbell's management style. Ex-Mining Minister Bill Bennett spoke bluntly and directly, stating his belief that Campbell has driven good people away, running an undemocratic government like an abusive husband, saying, "Its my way or the highway." Campbell defenders, Global TV News, led their News Hour with Colin Hansen's inaccurate account of how Bennett had resigned at request of Cabinet and Global termed Bennett's remarks "outrageous."  Keith Baldrey wrongly reported that Campbell had "refuted" Bennett's charges. The first was an inappropriate editorialization, the second was simply incorrect because Campbell proved nothing.

Rather than a collegial style with the Premier being first among relative equals, Campbell practiced absolutism, with his own tight entourage exercising all real authority. Everyone below, whether a civil servant, an appointee or an elected legislator was expected to fall into line with central policy, without question or reservation.

Campbell shows contempt for democracy by the belief that he is entitled to dominate the elected members of his party. In turn, it shows the weakness of people recruited to stand for election as BC Liberals. The last person wanted by the party was a thoughtful, articulate individual with a mind of her own, or his own.

The professional pundits similarly show contempt for their own profession because little of this style has been reported. Whether it was Campbell's former habit of carousing, his mixing of business and personal life, his temper tantrums, intolerance, favoritism and abuse of power, the writers and broadcasters that cover the Premier regularly ruled those subjects outside the limits of comment.

Not only did the mainstream pundits and political correspondents refuse to talk about Campbell's abusive techniques but they pressed others to keep quiet as well. Junior reporters were told, "Don't go there." Bloggers were criticized for not following rules of reporting the pros thought appropriate.

When Good, Baldry and Palmer spent their weekly hour talking about politics, asking what public services the NDP would cut in the absence of HST, they never discussed lowly Liberal backbenchers being intimidated and forced to toe the leader's policy with no variance allowed. In other words, required to put loyalty to leader ahead of loyalty to voters.

The frequency and intensity of blogger criticism by professional journalists and broadcasters mounted recently. Much of that was to cover their own guilt for incomplete reporting that has held the Campbell Government above substantive criticism. Citizens are owed explanations by mainstream media of why they waited until 2010 to report matters known to many for years.

There is a reason that readership of this site has doubled in the past month. Similar online commentaries also experienced strong growth. More and more people are searching for the rest of the story.
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  1. The 15% tax cut has been cancelled. I believe this has all been staged by the Liberal power brokers. Blame everything on Campbell. The rest of the flock now take action. He leaves before February and the party has turned over a new leaf and the hangers on look good.

  2. the illness is so widespread, all the flock have it, hopefully blogs about the lieberals go viral, and they go the way of social credit

  3. The complete disdain I have with the mainstream media has now turned into disgust. One wonders if the above mentioned reporters get a stipend from the BC Liberals? maybe in the form of being a guest speaker at Liberal (BC Chamber of Commerce included) functions?

    Now on another subject that irks me no end. Should not the BC Liberal Party ante up and pay for the Premiers $240,000.00 infomercial? Not only was it for self promotion of the premier, the announced 15% tax reduction is no more. It was a complete waste of the taxpayers money and the BC Liberal should pay!

  4. I certainly agree the cost of the infomercial should be paid by the Liberal Party. Could there be a connection between Global's softball coverage of the Liberals and the business affairs they share together. It is not just the State of the Province half hour. There are ongoing programs putting public money in Global bank accounts. In any other world, it would be called corruption.

  5. Well who will Keith Baldrey idolize next? Gordo should take him with him, wherever he ends up.

  6. they did the same to basi ,virk,they appointed them gave the orders,they followed the orders did what they were told to do ,then got caught ,were separated from the neocon ,alliance,socred,reformer,with a very small dose of liberal party,remember folks these guy's were hand picked and appointed then made to look like rouges,they weren't,they were doing as ordered from people that appointed them,then they were separated from those that appointed them,then they were discredited then charged just like what is happening to Bennett,do you see the mo,it's an all to familiar pattern that emerges full circle separate,degrade,abolish all evidence(start shredders),bring in media bash credibility degrade personally cook for two days in media oven and forget about it,bad recipe the media oven is backed up no one could cook up all that crap in time for the first batch to get consumed,so it's in the freezer and eventually things come out of the freezer thaw out and start to stink that's whats happening now a lot of stinky stuff out of the cold and smelling real bad.IMHO GENUINE.

  7. I quite believe Mr Bennett in his comments about Mr Campbell. It took a lot of guts for him to come out like and tell the truth. I appreciate the honesty even though it is a little late in the game.

  8. It's too late in the game for all of the Liberal ministers. They are all tainted by Campbell's scum and lunacy. Who in the hell would back up a, hideous ogre such as Campbell? I say, get enough recalls, to get rid of this, BC Liberal party from hell, and may they never be seen again. How many Liberal ministers have been under investigation, during Campbell's occupation? My God, Campbell calling, Virk and Basi criminals, is so asinine, because we know, who the real criminal is, and it isn't Virk or Basi, they just followed orders. They should have refused, to do the dirty work, even if it meant losing their jobs. They should have not have, sold their souls to the devil Campbell. The citizens anger towards the BC Liberals, Campbell, Hansen and De Jong, is getting worse than ever. The BCR crap, sealed De Jongs future, he is as despised as much as Campbell and Hansen are. I don't know how these people were brought up? Decent people don't behave as they do.



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