Saturday, November 6, 2010

More friends helping friends?

It is a good time to consider one or two existing stories, while sycophantic media fans are "busily wiping Gordon Campbell’s tears." Emily Barca is not one of those. At Vancouver Observer, Barca details highly unusual events that led to confirmation selection of the mega-resort/casino operator involved in the BC Place redevelopment.

H/T Ian Reid at The Real Story.
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  1. Campbell resigned, however, he is not leaving. During his address to the province, he said he would be around for some months. He stated, he was going to continue his work. And, it seems his work, is dirty work as per usual. Hansen, threatening Sears, regarding their HST sales. Craig James, ordering the RCMP, to investigate, a minute number of signatures, from the fight HST. There is doubt, those signatures, could have been done by Liberal voters. Deliberately harming, restaurants, because they didn't support the HST. When that monster resigned, he should have left, as soon as he walked out from his address. Any votes the Liberals, perhaps could have won back, are gone. We still have the gutless wonders of, the BC Liberal ministers, allowing Campbell to pull their puppet strings. I hope, there can be enough recalls, to bring down the entire BC Liberal government. The worst problem is, we still have the, butt kissing Craig James, to count the votes. He is spending most of his time, trying to scare people off from voting for the recalls. All he has managed to do, is piss the BC people off even more so. I'm sorry Norm, I don't feel very civil.



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