Monday, November 29, 2010

For some, lying becomes a habit

Bob Simpson, MLA
Chronic liars will lie about small, irrelevant details as well as important matters. For them, lying is a habit and everything is fair game. There are quite a few in politics, a fact that will surprise no person.

I don't know MLA Bob Simpson sufficiently to judge but Carole James' former aid Ian Reid dealt with Simpson often enough to have an informed opinion. He provides it, along with convincing evidence, in his blog entry "There's spin and then there's lies."
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  1. Remember Norman, a lie repeated often enough, becomes truth!

  2. I don't agree, Evil Eye. I don't care what, Campbell, Hansen, De Jong or the BC Liberals say. I automatically deem, everything they say as a lie. I am always right. All of them are pathetically, easy to see through. Did I think Campbell was going to leave, no. Did I believe Campbell was, staying around, for some months, and would continue his dirty work, yes. I know Campbell is too full of, hate, spite, malice and, far too vindictive, to just leave. He is also, terrified about, the documents from his corrupt sale of the BCR. Campbell wants to, shred, shred, shred. The BC Liberal party, and politicians, are the most corrupt, ever known in our country. Check with the, WW11 veterans, they will tell you exactly that.

  3. I was curious about where, when, and in what context Mr. Simpson made his statement as claimed by Mr. Reid (because I thought it might be relevant) but could find no reference or link to the source. Not that I'm saying Mr. Reid is a liar.



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