Monday, November 1, 2010


CBC News is reporting that the new sort-of-partially-retractable $600 million roof at BC Place cannot open or close when the weather is rainy or windy. I suppose that means none of the designers actually live in Vancouver.  CBC website visitors are enjoying themselves, leaving comments such as these:
  • It's always sunny in the Liberal world. 
  • what next....bathing suits that cant be worn in the water? 
  • Mr. Campbell will be at the Govt. concession stand renting out umbrellas. 
  • thank god it's Vancouver where it never rains. 
  • reality beats fiction hands down. 
  • Too bad there is no such thing as a retractable tax dollar. 
  • as smart as you or me buying a house with a furnace that works - except when it is cold. 
  • Well why would anyone expect a half billion dollar product to work correctly? 
  • at least it's hideously ugly

Northern Insights has written previously about Pavco's luxurious white elephants. See Bigger, better and largely empty.
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  1. LMAO! I'm laughing cuz if I don't, I'll start crying.

    This alone is equal to, or worse than, the fast ferries. Quick! Who can we sell this roof to? Say, would the company who made it be willing to buy it back for cheap? A la WMG?

  2. Wonder what story Campbell will spin about this one????

  3. Just the kind of "management" you expect from King Gordo - none where it matters - what's a few hundred millions, billions, etc.

    King Gordo probably has a taxpayer funded TV show coming up to explain this situation to the peasants, and why it is not really a problem, and how anyone who gets wet in BC Place will get a 15% income tax cut.

  4. $600 million roof at BC Place;

    $600 million Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement;

    $500 million Vancouver Convention Centre, with a roof costing another $400 million= $900 million;

    Will they ALL come equipped with a Concessionaire agreement based on volume of users lasting 25 years?

  5. NVG..nothing would surprise me! Maybe another story in the making?

    How many ways are there to say inept?



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