Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dear Colin . . .

A valued member of our little blog community, reader Warren White of Victoria, wrote this letter to Colin Hansen. Like others, Warren is out of patience with unprincipled politicians and the corporate media that spin stories without regard for accuracy, completeness and balance. The scare campaign kicked off this week is disrespectful but at least it demonstrates that BC Liberals are finished and we have reached the end of an error.

Dear Colin (I can call you Colin, can’t I ? I feel I know you, I’ve seen so much of you – too much of you):

I’m just following up on the Ministry of Finance papers you may have seen today on the internet at the Globe and Mail and the CBC.

I wonder if Ian Bailey from the Globe, or anyone from the CBC, ever happened to ask you to give an explanation of the figures in the report and how it came to be written?

With all the secrecy around “advice to the government” black-outs in previous FOI requests, didn’t Ian [Bailey] want to know why this HST cost information just seems to have slipped “under the radar” and been given out?

No, he didn’t ask? I guessed not.

Maybe you can tell Ian, if he ever does ask, that you and he and your friends at the Public Affairs Bureau need to seriously work on your game before you’ll get any more of this past the public’s BS meters…

Warren White
Gordon Head, Victoria
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  1. Good for you Mr. White, for pointing this out. The every day citizens, like me wouldn't even know many sneaky goings on, if it wasn't for the politically astute honest people and bloggers. Campbell and Hansen are expert, at keeping everything under the radar. To lie, deceive and cheat to win is, Campbell and Hansen's forte, as well as their dirty tactics. Keep on exposing, the dirty rats. I love it.



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