Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Toward a non-professional, partisan public service

When Vaughn Palmer wears his radio hat, he often morphs into a BC Liberal apologist. On his own newspaper beat, he remains capable of occasional insight and credible commentary. The column following dear leader's shuffling of deck chairs is worth reading. Here is part from Premier shuffles his team out of sheer desperation:
"The guy [Martyn Brown] who staged managed every political move out the premier's office for the past nine years was better qualified than anyone who worked his or her way up through the bureaucracy on expertise and dedication to the public service.

"This from a premier whose many New Era promises included one to "restore a professional, non-partisan public service, appointed strictly on merit, not on patronage."
Perhaps retirement would be a better choice for Mr. Brown. His weeks testifying in the BC Rail Bribes for Bribes case, indicated early onset dementia. If I can remember correctly, those symptoms include:
  • Memory Loss 
  • Confusion 
  • Impaired Judgment

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    1. Not only Martyn Brown is brain dead, the entire BC Liberal government, is not too tightly wrapped. How many BC Liberal ministers have been under investigation now? I have lost count. Campbell should have been thrown in prison, the minute he performed his corrupt and fraudulent sale of the BCR. The BCR wasn't for sale, another election lie. For sure, Campbell, Hansen and De Jong, should be expelled from this province. This phony Liberal Party should be dissolved. The BC Liberals stand for, lies, corruption and greed. That the BC ministers and the mla's, support a monster like Campbell, says it all. Is there a agency or service in BC, that isn't corrupt because of, Campbell and the BC Liberals?



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