Sunday, October 31, 2010

Extirpators neutered BC's former top-dog

I listened to political reporter and weekend host Sean Leslie on CKNW, a station not usually on my radio dial. Unlike NW's flagship talker, Leslie is a capable interviewer, unafraid of tough questions or guests with opposing viewpoints. Luckily, Corus management won't hear Leslie because even they don't listen on weekends, which mostly present dreadful infomercials and syndicated twaddle.

CKNW used to offer meaningful programing every day. Four years ago, Sean Holman's Public Eye Online featured a story titled Black Tower crumbling? about the work of Corus Radio's extirpators. Sean's short report is followed by a number of interesting reader comments. A person named Pluto left a long contribution that included this list of folks departed, some forever:
So here's to Bill Rea, Bob Hutton, Jack Kyle, Jack Cullen, Frosty Forst, Hal Davis, Ted Smith, Dick Abbott, Paul Preston, Ron Bremner, Jack Braverman, Pat McPherson, John McKitrick, Maury Hesketh, Ted Wendland, Rick Honey, Jack Webster, Ed Murphy, Art Findlay, Gary Bannerman, Ed Murphy, Dave McCormick, Leigh McKay, Erm Fiorillo, Earle Bradford, John Ashbridge, Al Davidson, John Plul, Bill Hughes, Gerry Davies, Warren Barker, George Garrett, Norm Grohman, Jim Robson, Wayne Cox, Lee Powell and all of the other talented people who laboured at CKNW over the years.

These are the people who made CKNW great. Yes, CKNW, the same radio station that Plasteras and Co. now seem intent on annihilating.
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    Every time I hear Bill boring, I want to upchuck, his lack lustre toadyism is so pathetic.

    More and more, the once mighty '98, has turned into Brand-X, whimpering for advertisers on air, but dishing out infomercials for BC's vastly discredited, bordering on criminal, BC Liberal party.

    Jack Webster must be spinning in hid grave.

    'OR is gone and 'NW seems to be on the same track.

  2. Sadly, the next generation of news people have few great mentors or teachers. The senior folks approaching retirement now at least saw the old pros in action. Youngsters now come out of BCIT and work as unpaid interns or low paid gophers in major markets where they are forced to live with Mom and Dad. Many of them never build careers, they leave to find real jobs.

  3. dear cknw,stuff your hockey and your infomercials



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