Sunday, October 24, 2010

Democracy crushers

A recurring theme within Northern Insights is my belief that the big business plutocracy exercises near total control of North America's economic and political systems. Money is the fuel for destruction of democracy. It has allowed a small group of little known, unaccountable people to direct nearly all paths of governance. If you think that might be an overstatement, read "Invasion of the Democracy Crushers" at Rebecca Solnit reports:
Karl Rove’s right-wing front-group American Crossroads, among others, “expects to raise as much as $250 million dollars to flood the airways in the last weeks of the [2010] election.” 
. . . a bevy of top corporations (Chevron, Goldman Sachs, Texaco, and Dow Chemical, to name just four) who funneled multi-millions through the U.S. Chamber of Commerce into massive national ad and influence campaigns in these last years -- and one right-wing contributor stepped happily out of the dark to the tune of $7 million.
In British Columbia, we get the same action with money from people in dark shadows paying to dominate the media and control client politicians. Business is lining up now in a grand effort to save the HST. That tax delivers billions each year from consumers into their hands. Business are willing to spend rashly to protect their financial interests and Liberals will toss millions more of taxpayers money into the effort.
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  1. There is a simple solution we are completely blind to but stares us all in the face: vote independent without party ties. In today's world of corprocracy, every party and party candidate represents big business power.

    Overcome the state propaganda and collective wisdom of needing to vote for a real (always corporate-backed) contender, and the face of government is over-turned. All we do now is vote away our right to be represented every four years or so.



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