Saturday, September 18, 2010

Land of opportunities, or land of entitlements?

Paul Willcocks again writes a piece that should outrage each one of us. Yet, how can we be surprised?
It was probably just a sideshow in terms of the B.C. Rail trial.

But Brian Kenning's time in the witness box offered an interesting look at the deep divides in B.C. these days.

Kenning is a Liberal supporter who was appointed a B.C. Rail director after the 2001 election. He was part of the board that recommended selling the railway. That happened in 2003.

But in 2004, the shrunken corporation spent $72,276 on Canucks tickets. In 2005, the Crown corporation spend $29,000 on BC Lion's tickets. In 2006, $45,349 for prime Canucks seats.

Companies buy hockey tickets in an attempt to influence customers. It wouldn't be seemly to offer the purchasing agent for a client $300, but tickets to a Canucks-Canadiens game are OK.

B.C. Rail really didn't have any potential customers to woo.
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  1. Gordon Campbell is no better than Charles the First and we all know what happened to him. Unfortunately, BC doesn't have an Oliver Cromwell!

  2. Makes me wonder if B.C. Electric is still buying and giving away Canuck tickets with our money.

  3. What is the trickle down effect of 'land of entitlements'?, aka BC. Well, for our family, it is to hold onto whatever you got! This constant taking from the public purse, accompanied by uncertainty, makes me want to put as much away for a rainy day as possible. Kinda like hiding what I have from the theives that run this province.



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