Friday, September 3, 2010

HST was not on Hansen's radar, it was on his desk!

Rafe Mair has a voice that makes higher purpose people nervous because he articulates uncomfortable truths with brutal honesty and little regard for the comfort of former friends. His experience as a successful Cabinet Minister in William Bennett's government makes him uniquely worth listening to:
"Colin Hansen, our Finance Minister, not only isn't telling the truth about the HST situation, he is a sniveling, cringing coward to boot. . .
"Folks, the plain truth is this: Colin Hansen asked for the [HST] briefing note more than two months before the election and the issue was not only "on the radar screen", it was well on its way to becoming government policy - a policy that Campbell and Hansen hid from the people during the election. . ."
Or, as Ian Reid contributed, "HST wasn't on Hansen's radar, it was on his desk."

Read more by Rafe Mair  HST Briefing Memo: Hansen & Campbell Caught Red Handed
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