Friday, September 3, 2010

Another uncensored briefing for citizens

Doing political analysis, Rafe Mair swings a hammer. Paul Willcocks, on the other hand, prefers a scalpel. His blog Thursday at Paying Attention, HST saga gets still worse for the Liberals, quietly makes government supporters squirm because it demonstrates that Liberals are lying when they say they have not been lying:
The FOI documents raise other questions.

Campbell told the legislature that B.C. officials did not even discuss the HST with their federal counterparts until well after the election. Hansen said the same thing in answer to a specific NDP question. There was absolutely no contact of any kind between federal and B.C. officials until late May, he said.But there was. The documents show discussions and e-mail exchanges between the B.C. officials long before the campaign began.
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