Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Analyze this

Perhaps Jeff Lee and his Van Sun colleagues will consider the sources tainted, but I'd say that RossK at The Gazetteer demonstrates clearly that Liberal versions of the BC Rail sale do not reflect reality. That fact should make Old Media uncomfortable and, judging by recent slanders and libels pointed at bloggers, they appear to be feeling the heat.

I was interviewed by an American reporter recently who had noted the vibrant blog scene covering British Columbia's regional politics. He wondered why. My answer is that the lazy professional media largely abdicated the role of independent commentary and analysis because ownership has a quite different agenda and the BC Government uses massive spending power to reward and punish.
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  1. I read the Gazetteer this morning and was amazed at the amount of information That RossK uncovered. I actually turned it over to the wife so she could read it as well. Norman you are right about bloggers and the information they provide far surpasses the MSM in many cases. However I will reiterate my only concern and that is the attack by one blogger to another. I find it childish and detrimental. I've said it before that the MSM is just waiting for more of it to make bloggers look bad ( which is not the case ).
    Keep up the good work Norman, I enjoy your articles.

    Guy in Victoria

  2. The "Eye" has also been in contact with Seattle reporters on another matter and they too noted the vibrant blog scene.

    The moans from Good, Palmer, and Baldry show that their papers are losing control of the masses and the real news is on the 'blog'!

    It is very sad to say so, as the news media is part of a vibrant and honest democracy, but when the 5th 'Estate' morphs into Goebbellesque propaganda for the state, the dailies become mere 'fishwrap'.

    The Goebbels Gambit (where a lie is repeated so often, that it is deemed fact) is alive and well at CORUS, the Sun and Province and the 'three amigos' on Friday should take a long look in the mirror as they have now become a minor cog in the 'states' propaganda machine and easily replaceable.

  3. Norman--

    Don't think Mr. Willcocks has any problem with the sources.

    In fact, he's added an interesting bit of supporting evidence for my conclusions over at his place.


    Thanks very much Guy. Have to point out though that everything I 'uncovered' was actually right there in plain sight.


  4. Well, 88% of the BC people can't be wrong. Campbell, is the worst premier, in Canadian history. Even Canadian Intelligence, is keeping an eye on BC. Campbell and Hansen, lied, deceived and cheated to win. They are of, low and poor characters. Decent people, do not behave as they do. Canada and, especially BC, need to purge, corrupt governing officials. If it wasn't for all of the corruption, we would not be in the mess, we are now in. Ida Chong, chomped her way through, $6.000 of fine dining. That's only one atrocity. Add up all the other atrocities, of government expenses. Disgraceful.



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