Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wild salmon protection - add your name to the message

Dear Prime Minister of Canada - Stephen Harper

Your proposed Federal Pacific Aquaculture Regulations http://www.gazette.gc.ca/cg-gc/about-sujet-eng.html were supposed to bring salmon feedlots into compliance with the Constitution of Canada, but instead you are attempting to remove the safeguards put in place by previous governments that protect the North Pacific from heavy industrial activity.

It is unacceptable you want to:
  • Issue federal licences without consulting First Nations
  • Expand the industry without environmental assessments
  • Licence salmon feedlots to "harm, alter, disrupt and destroy " the coastal North Pacific
  • Legalize destruction of wild fish attracted to the lights and food and trapped in the pens
  • Permit incomplete disease reporting
  • Tailor each licence to meet the needs of the companies with no public input
With this document the Canadian Federal Conservatives not only open the door to massive ecological damage, they depreciate the market value of BC feedlot salmon. No reputable retailer can afford to be seen with a seafood product raised under a license to HARM, ALTER, DISRUPT AND DESTROY fish habitat. This industry dumps over a ton a day per site of waste that includes disease, drugs and chemicals.

We call on you, as Prime Minister of Canada, to protect the North Pacific and remove salmon feedlots from the ocean into quarantine like all other feedlots.

In the name of future generations,
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  1. Done! Thanks for pointing me to the petition Norm.

  2. I have added my signature as well. Many thanks for posting this, Mr. Farrell.



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