Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What else do they fake?

Anyone who reads through Northern Insights finds numerous articles where I criticize Global TV News for their biased coverage of British Columbia politics. Global routinely serve as an outlet for the BC Liberals, presenting pro-government spin without independent verification.

By selectively reporting news that favors the BC Liberal government and ignoring or softening adverse information, they serve Premier Gordon Campbell's political interests. Keith Baldrey, the Global TV political reporter in Victoria, has appeared as a speaker at events hosted by Liberal supporters and even as a seminar speaker for the province. His spouse is occasionally employed directly or indirectly in government related affairs and has been contracted by the province. Regardless of her skill set, that is a potential conflict that deserves public exposure.

A common assumption is that Global TV, under direction of its corporate leaders, is partisan in its political coverage and takes, as a matter of policy, a reporting viewpoint that shills for wealthy corporate interests. Their support for the BC Liberals or the two headed monster in Ottawa, the federal Liberal/Conservative coalition is practical demonstration.

Yellow journalism demonstrated by the July 10 report on a Toronto demonstration calling for an official inquiry is a perfect example. Global TV's Mike Drolet claimed that the call for an inquiry was losing public support. Their aim is to build public anger over the actions of protesters. To do that, they draw six month old footage from across the continent. Inexcusable.

Meanwhile, the important stories are ignored about people improperly arrested and imprisoned and denied legal rights without reason. Global pursues its goals, shielding the public from information and then claims that same public is unconcerned about the issues Global ignored.

Go to therealnews.com and watch this video: Toronto [Parkdale] Neighborhood Defends G20 
Activists. Watch the entire story, particularly the parts where lawyer Riali Johannesson discusses the abuses of constitutional rights.

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