Sunday, July 4, 2010

"the mark of McDonald, inept and politically naive, with an obvious trail . . ."

Paul Willcocks at Paying Attention wrote The business groups baffling attack on the anti-HST petitions. Paul wondered if it had been a hoax since the action seemed so improbable. Of course, anyone with a slightly anti-BC Liberal bent (Who, me?) is applauding the action because it draws an indelible line with the vested interests of big business, Gordon Campbell and his help mates strutting on one side and everyday, ordinary folks standing hats in hands on the other. That's not a situation I would care for were I an election strategist for the ruling party, even with two and a half years until the next campaign.

I suspect the brainiacs behind the legal action shared too many martinis at lunch recently and, feeling empowered by the many bargains they've purchased from Campbell's government, this looked like a good idea and nobody bothered with a sober second thought. One of the comments at Paul's blog was left by Ian, a person who always leaves shiny nuggets of information. I repeat it here for emphasis:
While I don't believe this is a conspiracy it isn't believable that the government wasn't at least informed, if not in, on this strategy.

I find it very interesting that this was hatched at Heenan Blaikie's Vancouver office, the home of Geoff Plant - former AG, current lobbyist and government go-between; Peter Gall - Hochstein's lawyer and the government's labour law drafter of choice; and now Jessica McDonald - former Deputy to the Premier. These people see more of the Premier than his family does.

To me this has the mark of McDonald, inept and politically naive, with an obvious trail that begins with Plant's op-ed.

And if successful an end that gives recall a huge leg up.
Jessica McDonald
Geoff Plant

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  1. "These people see more of the Premier than his family does."

    This might be true regarding ONE of Gordo's families, the one composed of Nancy.......but the other family, or at least part of it, gets to see him all over the world, seemingly 24/7!



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