Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our family grew by one Wednesday

Almost four, grandson Shay points to his brand new baby brother, Tye, minutes after arrival. Twenty-month old Odin would rather be riding his bike. My babysitting job just got more ah-cute.

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  1. Oh, how very, very precious!! Congratulations to all of you, and may the world smile upon this little one in the best way possible. What wonderful news to come home to this evening!

  2. Best wishes to your family Norman, a beautiful one it is!

  3. So. That's what Perfection looks like! Congrats to everyone Norman, you have a beautiful family.

  4. All three of them are gorgeous. YOu must be very proud. Congratulations.

  5. Thank you for sharing Norman! I must agree with Leah's Post: "so that's what perfection looks like"!
    Just as an aside, when I was growing up, there were 3 children in our family. One of each..............

    Gary L.



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