Sunday, July 11, 2010

If a bubble touches me, you will be arrested for assault . . .

Bubble Girl
Everything's Cool
When her partner speaks, the look says, "Hey, what?"
Bystander talks to Mr. Serious Crime Fighter

Item found at The Galloping Beaver and viewed at Creative Revolution.
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  1. then they wonder why people hold them in contempt, absolutely shocking and disgusting behavior,how can anyone respect these clowns that are given power of force over innocent and peaceful demonstrators and let others get away with burning and breaking of many laws,and look the other way,this proves that agents for this disgusting force are being used in deceitful ways to justify expenses. Nothing can be closer to the truth,what ever they say must be taken with a grain of salt each and every statement they make must be examined what a sorry state we live in we are being driven back to the past where we had no control over our own lives people wake up this is not what we pay our forces of power for they are there to protect us not to abuse us for the powers that be.

  2. I wonder what the police would say if they received a complaint from the public stating that a persons neighbor was blowing bubbles and one went over the fence and touched someone and they wanted to press charges for assault.

  3. Come to think about it, I've been assaulted repeatedly by dangerous toddlers posing as my grandchildren. Where the hell are the cops when you need them?



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