Monday, July 12, 2010

Fudge-it budgets, free rides and points of view

Will McMartin is another writer who uncovers facts the traditional media choose to ignore. Do not miss this one:
The Tyee - Worst Fudge-it Budget Proven, but Free Ride from Media
To get an understanding of why organizations such as the Vancouver Sun ignore this story, read Harvey Oberfeld's fine blog Keeping it Real. This long time journalism insider illustrates an example of what what led Prof. R.W. McChesney to write: "Corporate media and the threat to democracy."
Headlines/Angles Betray Points of View. . .
Instead, a while back we got Keith Baldrey of Global TV reporting a Finance Ministry backgrounder that claimed BC was leading the country in job growth, that building permits were up sharply and consumer spending was at all time highs. These claims are easily demonstrated to be untrue and at odds with most recent Stats Canada reports.
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