Saturday, July 10, 2010

Do you know this man?

Do you know this person? He was involved in vandalizing police cars in Toronto during G20 demonstrations. He is wearing this Arc'teryx jacket that costs $650 CAD.  Bloggers, pass this picture on. Someone will know him.

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  1. just to be fair, even people with expensive jackets have lots of reasons to smash cop cars, and provocateurs might be more careful about keeping their face from the camera.
    i'm not saying he's not a cop, just saying we need to be diligent.

  2. To be fair, it is more likely that he is not a cop but we know he was instrumental in damage that ended with a burned out wreck and provided iconic images shown throughout the world.

    Whether he's a cop, a ski bum, a would-be terrorist, a school teacher on summer vacation, or whatever, he deserves to face a judge and be held accountable.

    Damage to property is to undermine discussions of the real issues, which involve a need for improvements in human rights and economics across the world. The police industry is more than happy with events that justify massive increases to their budgets. We've had two events in Canada in 2010 that together consumed an extra $2 billion of public funds. It may be great for arms dealers and police overtime earnings but it is disgusting for 33.2 million other Canadians.

    I want any law breakers held to account whether they represent authorities or protesters. There is a very narrow range of people who gain from destructive protest.

    Fisheries activist Alexandra Morton gathered thousands peacefully on the steps of the legislature in Victoria. Her message was strong before the demonstration, even stronger afterward. Slowly, her actions are making a difference in convincing the public to demand change. She doesn't cover her face and throw stones to make a difference; she dedicates her life to the conservation and the science that proves her case and the communication that convinces others that changes must occur. She is a brave protester dedicated to her cause, not a thrill seeker who enjoys bashing heads or breaking windows.

  3. $650 bucks for a jacket?!

  4. This guy's picture has been posted for a few weeks now. Surely someone can identify such a clear photo...???? How can that not have happened yet...???

  5. Maybe people aren't identifying him because they really don't care that it was a cop car being smashed. And honestly, is anyone here posting comments really dead-set on "bringing hime to justice". Likely not. We can all shake our fingers and say "that was bad", but where was everyone when this guys was smashing police property? I'll tell you where, cheering him on from the sidelines. I hate the police and government more and more everyday, but what I hate most is the hypocracy involved in placing the blame. The protesters instigated and the police stepped all over our rights as a result. Plain and simple.



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