Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Broadcast Standards Council responds

After I filed a complaint, the CBSC response included this:
By copy of this letter, we are asking CHAN-TV to respond to the concerns you have raised and to hold a copy of the logger tape of the broadcast which concerned you.  This is always the first step taken by the CBSC in pursuing a complaint.  Broadcasters who are members of the CBSC take their responsibility to respond to audience concerns very seriously and the dialogue between broadcasters and members of their audience is a cornerstone of the CBSC's complaints resolution process. In fact, concerns are often resolved satisfactorily for all parties through this dialogue phase.  We hope that the response you will receive from  CHAN-TV within the next 21 days will resolve the issues you have raised to your satisfaction. 
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  1. How many other times have they pulled this sort of cheap journalism. Thanks for reminding me and many of my friends why we very very seldom watch Global or CTV News. And I can't stress SELDOM enough.
    Looking forward to the next step Norman.

    Guy in Victoria

  2. Nice catch.

    You'll probably have a full 21 day wait.
    It's possible this was done by overworked, stressed summer staff, but either way your willingness to file with the CBSC puts this on record.

    Looking forward to Global's response.

    Blog on!

    Bene D



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