Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Global TV reaches a new low, again

June 23, Global TV News Hour Final led with the Education Minister's attack on the Vancouver School Board. It gave an in-depth, comprehensive, detailed analytical report on proposed service cuts (many seconds long) and then put up a talking head as representative of all those parents who are displeased with the VSB in this matter. Who was this non-partisan parent? None other than Liberal Finance Minister Collin Hansen's campaign manager, Mike Klassen.

Not only a marketer of provincial Liberals, Klassen was one of former Mayor Sam Sullivan's puppet masters and is mouthpiece of the civic Non-Partisan Association, that very partisan organization of developers, real estate folks and downtown business types.  He also runs a number of commercial blogs and has an advanced degree in self-promotion, often appearing on CKNW to represent ordinary average guys.

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  1. Typical Liberal hipocrite. Mike Klassen may find himself without a job. Anyone opposing, or being honest, Campbell, Hansen and the BC Liberals, get rid of those members, really fast. They can't stand up, under any close scrutiny. I once upon a time, found a list of, trustworthy newspapers, and TV media. There were bloggers also named. It seems as though, every aspect in this province, is controlled.

  2. I have watched Global TV, for quite some time. Thanks for that information, I will now, boycott that station. Seems freedom of press, is not permitted in BC. Thousands of BC citizens feel, this province is a morass of corruption. A very sad state when, citizens can't even rely on the media to be unbiased and honest.



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