Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BC Liberal shame

There are a number of BC Liberal MLAs who should be feeling shame for their actions in the imposition of HST. They truly abdicated their duties as elected representatives.

Paul Willcocks reports this and more HERE:
One of the scariest and saddest revelations in the wake of the Blair Lekstrom resignation is that Liberal MLAs were told the HST was coming two days before the public.
They weren't asked their opinions. The decision was already made.
They were told the new harmonized sales tax was coming, it was the right thing to do and their job was to defend it.
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  1. Politicians ignore the Constitution. Our Civil Rights and Liberties, have been taken away from the people. Democracy and Freedom, is buried under a ton of dust. We live in a dictatorship government. Campbell has to control, the media, no bad press about Campbell. The Judicial system, has to be controlled, Campbell, does not want, to be called to the stand, to be cross examined regarding, the corrupt sale of the BC Rail. The RCMP, has to be gagged, also regarding the trial of the BCR. The FOI papers were blacked out, to conceal the Olympic debt. So, Campbell's dictatorship, telling the BC ministers to defend the HST, is of no surprise, to the BC citizens. They would be expelled, if they dared to oppose him. However, they have proved to be, gutless wonders and, should never have stooped down to Campbell's level. I would think, their political careers are over.



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