Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Voters have not forgiven . . .

On April 17, AngusReid Public Opinions published a poll on the British Columbia political scene.

BC Liberals Plummet as HST looms; British Columbians Want a New Party

This is the analysis provided by Hamish Marshall, Research Director, Public Affairs:
Voters have not forgiven the BC Liberals for their decision to bring the HST. Public outcry has not subsided over the past month. In fact, many British Columbians are now willing to sign the petition to repeal the tax if a person shows up at their doorstep with it.

Carole James has gained momentum over the past few months, while Gordon Campbell continues to be rated negatively by a majority of respondents.

The idea of a new party is welcomed by half of respondents, but electoral success appears to hinge on ideology. A centre-right party will hurt the BC Liberals and facilitate a victory for the NDP, in a situation that recalls the 1990s. However, a new centre-left party would take votes from both established parties and would head to the next election with a six-point lead.
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  1. I fear any new party will be once again stolen by the neo conservatives just like the BC Liberals were.

  2. So true. Even the Reform Party, when its leaders smelled power, became like the rest of them. Parties and fundamental principles must be designed by the grassroots with constitutional protection that keeps the usurpers away.



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