Friday, April 30, 2010

Keeping up with the Brits

Does the British election hold any interest? Comedians Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis present a nightly satirical round up of election news and comment from comedians, journalists and commentators. I recommend it.

The Vote Now Show

BBC ensures that all parties gain coverage during the election. So, on one show, John Finnemore looks at the manifestos of single issue parties often overlooked:
  • The New Adventure Playground for Plymouth Party
The are hoping for a big swing.
  • The Chairs not Benches for Barnaby Town Hall Party
They’re contesting multiple seats.
  • The Improved Facilities for Overweight Trainspotters Party
They’re standing on a broad platform.
  • The Fair Deal for Amnesiac Sperm Donors Party
They’ll be lucky to not lose their deposits.

There is also The Tautology Party which promises,
"Our party is the party we are in and, if you vote for us, we promise we will be the party you have voted for."
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