Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy birthday to us

On today's first birthday of Northern Insights, we've had more readers than ever before and also enjoyed a record for weekly readership this past 7 days.

I'm proud to have participated in a strong community of British Columbia bloggers. Many people have inspired me but no more than two women who set the standard for diligence and humanity: BC Mary and Laila Yuile.

But, thank you to all readers.
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  1. Happy Birthday, Norman, we are proud to support such a well considered effort. I predict that your readership will grow again this year, as more and more people take an interest in their children's future. Cheers!

  2. Congrats Norman! Let's hope your traffic quadruples in the coming year, which I'm quite sure it will...especially with articles like "Not merely consistent with guilt..."

    I don't think I've read another article like it for truthfulness or timeliness.

    Happy Birthday to your site, congrats to you and yours...and many more years of GOOD reading for us!

  3. Again, thanks to both Kim and Leah. A friend for a very, very long time wrote today, "Your blog is making me angry." I felt good about that reaction.

    He and his great wife are contributors to this province, small business people who employ others and are raising two beautiful daughters, now young adults excelling in life. They are all active, involved good citizens, the type of people that form the backbone of our fine country. So, why did I feel good because what I write makes him angry?

    Because maybe he's an example of that ordinary citizen who speaks out like Howard Beale, "I mad as hell and I am not going to take this anymore."

  4. Congratulations! It is the blog that is replacing Vancouver's mainstream media, as they have been corrupted by Liberal friendly management.

    Over at Rail for the Valley.....

    .....we have passed our 100,000 viewing in just 17 months and now have a healthy daily viewership from Japan to Finland! RFV not only supports the return of the interurban, but gives independent insight to local transit news. Not everyone's cup of tea and some is strictly for the die-hard 'gricer', we try to give an interesting read.


  5. I agree that Rail for the Valley is a valuable resource, which is why a link can be found anytime on the left sidebar of Northern Insights. I intend to visit regularly.

  6. Congratulations Norm!I see nothing but a great future for your blog, and enjoy your syle and manner of writing - not to mention the spectacular and varied content!

    I too, enjoy your mix of political and personal,which I find impossible to disconnect.
    I am honoured and humbled by your kind words. Thank you.

  7. Many happy returns my friend! Much and continued success!!!



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