Friday, April 16, 2010

Crown Prince of Untruth speaks

Backed against the wall, British Columbia's Crown Prince of Untruth complains about Vander Zalm's veracity? It could only be more absurd had King Gordon spoke those words.

Absurdity, thy home is British Columbia!

Anti-HST claims anger B.C. minister
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  1. Campbell and Hansen, gave the people of BC, an outrageous provincial budget. The HST and the budget together, is far too heavy a tax burden for thousands of BC people. You may have noticed, neither Campbell, nor Hansen, mention the two tax sources in tandem. Where the HST doesn't get you the budget does. Every service and utility you require to run your home, is taxed. Citizens resent the underhandedness of, Campbell and Hansen. If you ever watch the BC Legislature on TV, the Liberals really put on a despicable exhibition. They are totally not capable of being truthful. I cringe, hoping the rest of the world isn't watching BC's disgrace.



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