Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Campbell kleptocracy is not unique or original

TomDispatch.com calls itself A REGULAR ANTIDOTE TO THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA.  I doubt that anyone can go there and read The Business of America is Kleptocracy by William J. Astore, retired lieutenant colonel (USAF), without sensing lessons to be learned for Canada. Will Canadians learn the lessons? Not the people who rely on traditional media but the greed all around us swelled so large that news can be contained no more.

AngusReid Public Opinion shows in a recent survey of British Columbians that the governing Liberals would be supported for reelection by less than 30% and that 81% of residents support the petition to repeal HST. Gordon Campbell, Colin Hansen and their sponsors have lost ground steadily on this issue, despite the complicity of biased media and the multi-million dollar resources of the Public Affairs Bureau (PAB).

Modest online news and opinion sites such as Northern Insights and others linked here revealed the truth. HST is a huge transfer of money from pockets of consumers to pockets of big business. Hansen knows that world markets establish commodity prices, that fuel and electricity pricing has nothing to do with PST. Sure energy companies will save billions in provincial tax over the years but that will have zero impact on prices determined internationally.

Imported consumer goods carry next to zero provincial taxes, that even if markets were competitive, there would be no measurable price reductions. Hansen claims that funeral costs will not rise because, while undertakers will add 12% HST to the entire bill, they will save the provincial tax paid whenever they replace the carpets. Only a fool could accept that dishonesty or similar dishonesty repeated by those using Liberal talking points.

Liberals have no right to proceed with any business of the province. No Site C dam, no long term private power commitments, no further reductions in energy royalties or new exploration credits, no new stadium roof, no megaprojects, no giveaways.

The only mandate from citizen that Liberals hold now is the right to resign and go away. Not too far though, some will be hearing from process servers.

Please visit Laila Yuile's pages and read "The worst is yet to come . . .
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