Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Words may lie, actions do not

Two Canwest journalists provide information in their blogs that, together, demonstrate the ethics and humanity of the BC Liberal Party.

From Paul Wilcocks, Paying Attention, Health care cuts for disabled cost us all:
The latest cuts to health services for the poorest British Columbians crossed a line.
The income assistance and disability benefit cuts are cruel, wasteful and petty.
And the hypocrisy and contempt for the public - everyone, not just those disabled and poor people hurt by the cuts - is shameful.
The cuts weren't announced as part of the budget last week or included in the ministry's service plan.
Instead, the public affairs bureau - the government's $26-million-a-year communications arm - put out a news release headlined "Province protects services for low-income clients."
In fact, it was cutting services for those people.
The basic goal is to reduce the health benefits for people living on provincial disability benefits and income assistance.
They are already dirt poor.                         . . . cont'

From Vaughn Palmer, View from the Ledge, Convention centre: the bailouts continue
Remember the budget overrun on the B.C. Liberal government's fast fer...oops, Vancouver convention centre expansion?
Promised at $495 million? Delivered for $850 million or thereabouts?
Well the bailout continues, as my colleague Derrick Penner reported in the business pages Saturday.
The aforementioned overrun was just on the capital side.
Convention centres can also be counted on to lose buckets of money on operations and the Vancouver expansion is no exception.
 Details from the background papers for last week's provincial budget.
Deficit for the financial year ending March 31: $40 million. For the year beginning April 1: $30 million. Projected four-year running tally: $120 million.
But you will be happy to know they aren't just going to let the deficits fester and multiply. Government is even now considering options.
Those are: 1)a subsidy. 2)a grant.
That's pretty much it.
 On the one hand, taxpayers cover the deficit and on the other hand, taxpayers cover the deficit.              . . . cont'

Elsewhere in this blog, I said BC Liberals put structures before people. If further evidence had been needed, this would be it.

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