Thursday, March 18, 2010

Privatizing the wilderness

From the Powell River Peak:

. . . one road that was supposed to remain passable to ATVs is now impassable, according to the president of Powell River ATV Club, Dave Hodgins.

Last December Plutonic Power Corporation removed a bridge at Squirrel Creek, up Goat Main. . . .. “With high water in Squirrel Creek, ATVs could not ford the creek until February 12,” he said. “The road beyond Squirrel Creek was found to be impassable by ATVs, plus the further two bridge areas had the banks of the creeks fortified with boulders that prevented any type of safe passage.”

“The complete closure of this six-kilometre road section above Squirrel Creek has now prevented access to an old road system [Branch G-100] that would take you to one of the most scenic areas in Powell River,” Hodgins said. “From its road end, a short hike of less than two hours places you in the alpine. The future for this area to the hiking public and tourists can not be measured in mere dollars, it has to be experienced. The view of Barkshack Lake surrounded by various coloured rock formations is spectacular. For the non-hiker, just the scenery of the valley is worth the trip.”
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