Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A link for you

I’ve been getting ProPublica’s major investigations in my inbox, and I thought you’d appreciate them, too.
Check it out:
ProPublica’s reporting has been featured in the New York Times and on NPR, and their newsroom is making great strides in repairing our broken news media.
Want to stay on top of their one-of-a-kind investigations featured in papers across the country? Get updates about ProPublica’s major investigations:
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  1. Thanks Norman, I just signed up!

    Gary L.

  2. A note to readers:

    This American non-profit does work that should interest everybody. Their fine work includes examination of shale gas production and related hydraulic fracturing that injects water and chemicals into the grounds. This issue is important in BC's north-east gas fields. The BC Government relies on self-regulation by producers, a situation that guarantees disaster. As activity ramps up in BC, oversight is slashed.

    Follow this link and start reading.

    From ProPublica's About Us page:

    [quote] ProPublica is an independent, non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest. Our work focuses exclusively on truly important stories, stories with “moral force.” We do this by producing journalism that shines a light on exploitation of the weak by the strong and on the failures of those with power to vindicate the trust placed in them.

    Investigative journalism is at risk. Many news organizations have increasingly come to see it as a luxury. Today’s investigative reporters lack resources: Time and budget constraints are curbing the ability of journalists not specifically designated “investigative” to do this kind of reporting in addition to their regular beats. This is therefore a moment when new models are necessary to carry forward some of the great work of journalism in the public interest that is such an integral part of self-government, and thus an important bulwark of our democracy. [endquote]



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