Monday, February 22, 2010

If you care about wild salmon

Please, view this film and send this link to all in your contact list.

Alexandra Morton warns about the movement of drug resistant sea lice from the west coast of Vancouver Island to the Discovery Islands, putting at risk coastal salmon runs, including the Fraser Sockeye Salmon.

Evidence of damage to wild salmon from sea lice is indisputable. Evidence of drug-resistant lice on the coast of British Columbia is irrefutable.  Despite that, Fisheries Canada and the BC Government each deny there is any problem. They refuse to acknowledge this serious biological issue and refuse to even examine the evidence.

A political decision has been taken to protect the fish farms, most owned by a handful of Norwegian companies. It has been left to citizens to collect the evidence and explain the science. Our politicians and bureaucrats sold out to higher bidders.

Read Walter Cordery in the Nanaimo Daily News.
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