Tuesday, January 26, 2010

S.I. checks out Vancouver 2010

Games promoters were right about one thing. They said the world press would focus on Vancouver.

Here is sportswriter Dave Zirin's point of view at Sports Illustrated Online:
As Olympics near, people in Vancouver are dreading the games
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  1. We can`t hide our shame Norman..And, and these "Cursed" olymoics are doomed, have a look at Palmer`s piece in the Vanvouver Sun..Not to mention,the recessioin,H1N1, Haiti,the Internet,Even the homeless street sweeping rule, it`s hard to justify dragging homeless people off the streets because of extreme weather when the temperature isolus 6 to plus 12 Celcius.
    Add increased flying restrictions,Bin Laden resurfacing this week,an Ethiopian airlines blown out of the skies, the U.K on unspecified "Extreme" terror alert level...

    And,add the angry B.C. public that was "stabbed in the back" by Gordon Campbell, and the fraudulent B.C. election and what you have is..

    Gordon Campbell`s "Bad Karma games"

    I feel better now.




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