Friday, January 15, 2010

A personal view of Haiti

The Huffington Post, Amy Wilentz: Haiti and the Depths of Darkness:
And of course one reason there are so many dead in Haiti is that agriculture in the countryside was no longer providing a livelihood for Haitian peasants; they moved in the thousands to the capital, they built shanties on the sides of canyons; all gone now.

I won't go over the arguments against globalization for countries like Haiti here. Suffice it to say that Haiti, once the Pearl of the Antilles, once France's most valuable and productive colony, and still into the 19th century at least an important provider of the world's sugar, rum, and coffee, is now a net importer.

If you want to help, Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) is already working in Haiti.
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  1. Norman:

    This is a puzzle ... An as-it-happens Google Alert brings the viewer to this site,

    but is using my stuff about (quote):

    "Noted in passing" ... the U.S. tourist who (like many of us) cannot believe that BC Rail doesn't exist anymore ..."


  2. Who really knows how the Googlebots work? The front page of Northern Insights has an intro from each of the blogs I follow. That includes The Legislature Raids so it has a short piece where you discuss BCRail. When Googlebot visits, it sweeps up all the front page contents.



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