Monday, January 18, 2010

On Sarah Palin

The News Quiz on BBC Radio 4, Jan 15/10
  • She's on Bill O'Reilly's show. . . Is she there to provide an informed balance to the views of Bill O'Reilly?
  • I looked on Amazon for her book, which is called Going Rogue, and underneath it, where it always says, "People who ordered this book also read:" There was nothing!
  • Fox host Bill O'Reilly welcomed [Sarah] Palin with the sentence, "You know Governor, the perception of you is that you're not very smart . . ." Palin smiled through it because she doesn't know what perception means.
  • On her facebook site, one fan said she wouldn't need luck because she was on loan from God. Please remind whoever borrowed her to return her.
  • Sarah Palin has signed on as a pundit for the Rupert Murdoch owned Fox News. Fox News is called Fox News because that's what it does.
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