Thursday, January 28, 2010

Helpful volunteers

Responding to VANOC's plea for volunteers who are available before, during and after the 2010 Winter Game, a British police auxiliary known as The Space Hijackers offered to assist the Integrated Security Unit during Vancouver 2010. The anonymous volunteers would provide their own uniforms and safe transportation, an armored personnel carrier.

The group helped protect the Royal Bank of Scotland during last year's G20 protests in England. Their availability was recently confirmed when Crown Prosecution Service London dropped charges against them of impersonating police. The charges were laid after authorities wrongly assumed this was a group of mischief makers during G20 protests.

Integrated Security Unit Brigadef├╝hrer Bud Mercer has not responded to The Space Hijacker offer.

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  1. CPS has not charged the policemen who attacked innocent passerby Ian Tomlinson, injuring him fatally. They kept working on this stupid prosecution of a satirical theatre group well beyond the point of embarrassing the prosecution service for years to come.



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