Friday, January 22, 2010

Dissent unwelcome

After the RCMP were accused of intimidating anti-Olympic activists at a public meeting in Kelowna, BC Civil Liberties Association Executive Director David Eby said:
In the history of the Olympics, have any of the people who’ve engaged in violent acts held press conferences, held open meetings or gone to city hall to speak about their concerns? The people they are identifying as threats have never historically presented any threat except perhaps blocking a road or causing a delay.

The people that they need to be concerned about are the people who are not doing press conferences, who are not holding public meetings, the people who potentially would set off bombs or who would attempt to target athletes with violent acts.

Again, it appears that an important objective of the $1 Billion Vancouver 2010 security force does not concern public safety. It is about constraining criticism and quieting political dissent.
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