Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Traveler's Mind

A year ago, uncertain that I would fit easily among a small group of writers and artists attending a workshop in rural Mexico, I questioned the organizer, an old friend. Her response:
There's a wonderful saying in (Japanese) tea, an art so refined that it risks being over-mannered: "Preserve in me the humble but eager heart of the beginner."
This led to an inspiring experience in Papantla, Veracruz, Mexico. In 2010, Martha Gies, a personne extraordinaire, leads another small group of brave spirits to a place, perhaps even more exotic.

Traveler’s Mind Workshop: TEN DAYS IN SUCRE, BOLIVIA

This workshop is designed to capture the traveler's special state of mind - that combination of alertness and curiosity - and use it to heighten the classroom experience.

In 2010, we offer ten days of writing in Sucre, Bolivia, declared by UNESCO a world heritage site for the beauty and integrity of its Colonial architecture.

By traveling beyond the familiar surroundings of home, students can devote their undivided energy to the task at hand, be it cultivating the habits of close observation and a disciplined writing life, or risking encounters in a foreign landscape.

Limited to 10 students.

September 10-20, 2010

Details available in January at www.veracruzworkshops.com/

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