Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A question for Christmas

Has anyone noticed that Canada Post has a new system for delivering parcels? They do, at least in North Vancouver.

Instead of bringing a parcel to your address, they provide a Delivery Notice / Avis de livraison. It announces that because you were not home [even if you were], you must pick up the parcel at their convenient parcel depot, tomorrow.

And, of course, the depot had our parcel on the day they delivered the notice. No 24 hour waiting period needed.

It appears Canada Post charges for carrying parcels to a specific address but does not actually take the deliverables beyond the depot. Door to door service means: Come to our door for service.
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  1. Merry Christmas Mr.Farrell....Thanks for all your hard work, I look forward to your articles and "Insight" in the new year.

    Keep on keeping on


  2. I would like to echo Grant's Post, Norman.
    Thankyou for your informative, and entertaining Posts. They sure put the main stream media [or what's left of it to shame}!
    The very best to you and yours, and a healthy New Year!
    Sorry this isn't really a response to your Canada Post observations. On that Topic, I will stick to the old adage, "if you don't have anything good to say, ................"

    Cheers, Gary L.

  3. Thanks for the comments. I've got about 5 different articles half-written but little things have been demanding attention. These little things are less than 3-feet tall and they don't care a whit about politics or fraudulent politicians. But, they smile and laugh readily and perhaps that what all of us should do more often.

    I certainly appreciate participation of readers and the locations of regulars fascinate me. The potential reach of a blog is broad and, despite regional content, we have visitors from around North America and beyond. Steady growth since the beginning last spring has been a sincere compliment.

    Best wishes to readers and may the holiday season and the coming year be good for you and your loved ones.

  4. I don't suppose my readers need the reminder, but Grant G is proprietor at the straight goods:


    Sometimes, Grant shouts, but his words always makes sense. Visit his site regularly.

    I think Gary monitors all the blogs so a compliment from him is meaningful.

    Thank you, gentlemen.



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