Thursday, November 5, 2009

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You Don’t Have to Sell BC Hydro to Give it Away


Dr. Marvin Shaffer

Consulting Economist 
specialized in
energy, transportation and environmental economics
Adjunct Professor
SFU Public Policy Program 


Policy Note

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  1. Dr. Shaffer mentions the cost of IPP power to BC Hydro at over $1 billion. One of the comments said $31 billion. I believe that Hydro's IPP contracts (EPAs) are currently for over $1 billion per year. Not all of these projects are in operation yet.

    These EPA contracts are for up to 40 years. So, after 30 years, that's over $30 billion. That doesn't include new contracts. That's over $30 billion down the drain. What if BC Hydro invested that money into its own facilities, and conservation efforts?



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