Friday, November 20, 2009

Sell Out

"Sell Out" is a song by fabulous California ska punk band Reel Big Fish, released as the first track on their 1996 album Turn The Radio Off.

It may be a good title for a post some day but nothing in the news seems to fit this succinct phrase, especially on a slow news day like Friday, when nothing much happens.

I thought about writing a story on new appointments to the provincial government's green energy advisory task force. Then I found that, as he often does, Sean Holman had the scoop at Public Eye.

So there is no point of me making any comments about Tzeporah Berman of ForestEthics, Matt Horne of Pembina Institute or James Hoggan of Suzuki Foundation taking rewards from the BC Liberals for diligent environmentalism.

Mr. Holman points out that, during the election campaign, these folks criticized the NDP platform and applauded the Liberals. I'm shocked at this reporting on the Public Eye. It almost implies that someone's integrity, morality and principles were compromised in exchange for influence or reward or something.

These are just a few citizens trying to get ahead while serving the public. Perhaps, it's unfair to criticize although I admit to having done it myself before at The piper extracts payment.
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